My  Services


I provide psychotherapeutic treatment to individuals and groups.

I also provide forensic, neuropsychological and diagnostic assessments.

Medical Psychology

Medical psychology speaks to excess disability, which in simple terms, means that you are suffering more than what is indicated by your physical illness, disease or injury. I have psychotherapeutic experience with:

*survivors of severe burns

*survivors of spinal injuries

*those undergoing cancer treatment

*in-hospital suicide risk-assessment and treatment-planning

Individual Therapy

I work with children, adolescents and adults.

Some of my experience includes:

*Reclaiming agency in the face of personality, anxiety, and mood disturbances in adults. 

*Sand-tray therapy and play therapy with traumatised children.

*Assisting in the search for identity in adolescents with emotional and behavioural disturbances.


Family Therapy

I assist families in restoring balance after trauma, such as accompanies mental, chronic, or terminal illness in the family. I especially encourage family sessions, when practical, since our relationships play such a large role in our mental health.

Growth and development in the family environment strongly assists the growth and development of all individuals involved.

It is no one’s fault. It is all about growing together.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an interpersonal, creative and cost-effective means of receiving psychotherapy and developing emotionally. Group therapy is subject to interest and availability of participants.

Keep updated via my Facebook page for more information on available groups to join (please see links on the bottom of this page).


Psychology Assessments

I do forensic assessments

* of traumatised children

* in terms of primary placement and residency of children

* of families in cases of co-parenting disputes

I do neuropsychological assessments and screening

*after traumatic brain injury

*for dementia

*for perceptual disturbances

*for the diagnosis of intellectual disability and recommendation of special school placement

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do sessions cost?

Prices differ depending on the type of service. I am registered to claim our sessions from your medical aid; subject to the type of medical aid plan you have and the availability of funds of your medical aid. A sliding scale is available for long term therapy while Clinic Day is also available for individuals with low income. Please visit my Facebook page to view current pricing for different services.

How do I check if a psychologist is really registered?

You can check whether a psychologist is really registered on the HPCSA website:

There you can look up registered practitioners by entering either their name or PS number. You may also request your practitioner to present their registration certificate to you as proof of registration.


Are you a psychologist or a psychotherapist?

In South Africa, we do not distinguish between a psychologist and a psychotherapist. A clinical psychologist (which I am) or a counselling psychologist are persons who provide psychotherapy, while they are also involved or have been involved in research in the field of psychology. In South Africa, a research psychologist is a psychologist who focuses on only the academic/research aspects of the field of psychology.


What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

People often confuse psychologists and psychiatrists. A psychologist teaches techniques and skills to assist in emotional development, improved well-being, and empowerment. A psychiatrist prescribes psychiatric medication towards similar goals. These two usually work best combined, each playing a distinct role in improving mental health. Psychotherapy is focused on identifying and dissolving patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviour that pose obstacles to sound mental health. It is important to accept that resolving such patterns cannot take place through the use of psychiatric medication alone.

Is my information really private?

Privacy is paramount. I am compelled by the HPCSA to ensure not only high standards of service but also strict confidentiality.
Be aware that under South African law, there are certain situations that would compel any psychologist to share information with the relevant authorities. These situations include:   

  1. If someone presents an imminent danger to themselves or
  2. In the case of abuse or neglect.
  3. If a court orders the disclosure of records.

*It is important to take note that any information shared would be in order to assist and act in the best interest of all affected parties. Information will never be shared to do harm or to gain any personal benefit in any way.